Kevin Murphy, Psychotherapist, Dublin

The psychological therapy offered is psychoanalytic psychotherapy, founded on the psychoanalytic knowledge that forms the basis of all other dynamic forms of psychotherapy.

It examines and explores unconscious conflicts between feelings, emotions and ideas that are behind symptoms and the issues you find most troubling. It is a talking therapy that uses the power of speech and the skill of non-judgemental listening to help bring about positive change.

Central Influences

Central influences that shape us include childhood experiences, family relationships and experiences of sexuality, love, emotional loss and trauma. Even small disturbances can have ripple effects.
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy differs from other therapies in that it gives central importance to the unconscious or hidden effects at the root of depression, anxiety, repeating patterns and other symptoms that have no discernible cause. These include compulsions, phobias, eating disorders, addictive behaviours, as well as problematic career and relationship issues.

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