Kevin Murphy, Psychotherapist, Dublin

Therapists shall value integrity, impartiality and respect for all people who come to see them professionally. They shall ensure the complete confidentiality of information acquired through their practice. The therapeutic 'relationship' shall not be exploitative in any way.

The therapy shall promote the client's emotional autonomy and independence while being mindful of the reliance of the client on the therapist in the course of treatment.

Your Wellbeing Comes First

Therapists shall not make claims directly or indirectly to qualifications, affiliations and capabilities which they do not possess.They shall conduct themselves in a way that does not undermine public confidence in their ability to carry out their duties.

Therapists shall neither attempt to secure or accept from clients any significant financial or material benefit beyond the agreed fee.

(From 'The Code and Ethics of Practice' of The Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland.)

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